Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A blogging ritual

I decided to follow the bloggers' tradition of posting on New Year's Eve. I don't think I need to give my 2 cents on the year gone by. Rather I'd write some random stuff.

Good boy : Likes a well served dinner at a restaurant.
Bad boy: Likes the well dressed waitress who served the dinner.

Good boy: Never thinks about sleeping with his secretary.
Bad boy: He doesn't think so either, unless the secretary happens to be a blond with big boobs.

Good boy: Packs all his stuff in just 2 suitcases.
Bad boy: Uses 2 girls to pack all his stuff into suitcases.

Goodboy: His wife doubled in size after just one year.
Badboy: He was responsible for that.

Goodboy: Dutifully carries his rubber in his pencil box.
Badboy: Dutifully carries his rubber in his waller, just in case.

Goodboy: Takes his virginity pledge seriously.
Badboy: He just takes the virgins.

Goodboy: Thinks the world is flat.
Badboy: Sees a whole lot of curves in this world!

Goodboy: A goodboy never goes after his best friend's girl.
Badboy: A badboy goes after her and her sister.

Goodboy: Solves all the 99 problems for a straight A.
Badboy: Hes sure got 99 problems but he bitch ain't one :-D

Happy New Year Y'all Faithful.


Surya said...

k...this was "inspired" by two of the blogs I have taken to reading regularly. The mentioned blogwriters would be able to detect the influence ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have only one comment:

Brilliant Surya, simply brilliant!!

Surya said...

Thank you Thank you!!

Luscious Sealed Lips said...


And very true.


Surya said...

@Luscious - thanks for the comment. Kisses right back at ya!