Thursday, February 12, 2009

Action Inaction

Sometimes, there is no point in thinking things through. No point in endless contemplation. You just go ahead, bite the bullet and just get it done. I put some pink paint on one of my boxers and mailed it off to the pink chaddi campaign! Lol.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What she said

OK, firstly I got a 5-in-one printer for 100 bucks, thanks to Circuit City going bust! Yay! Traveled to Philly and bombed an interview. Good and not so good. At least I knew what to make out of these - but what she said, well, that was quite something...

"You are trying hard to impress your superiors at work. It really doesn't matter. The decision has been made. They know you are good. There is no point in killing yourself over it." --- Not quite but tantalizingly close.

"I see tightness. There is some restlessness in you. You will soon be able to relax." --- Good God!

"I see a brother, or someone like a brother trying to come over here." --- Hmm my bro-in-law might pay me a visit.

"I see your mom coming up. In connection with some girl. Its not a big deal." --- Ya she's been nagging me. And ya, its not a big deal.

"There are "people" trying to reach out. They feel strongly about you. You need to trust them and let them help you." --- Hmm, where did that come from? And she didn't quite use the word "people".

"You are surrounded by people. Yet, you feel a certain abandon. You need to open up. Perhaps you will write. People will like it, even if they are not in the circle close to you." ---- This could be said of almost anyone, no ?!

"I see a big red heart" --- Ya, it is right underneath my sternum.

"You have had a near death experience. It just comes up." --- Now, now, this is getting a little spooky.

"You wrote books. I see you dipping bird feather in ink and writing away on parchment paper." --- Oh really! Thats kinda cool.

"You will confide in somebody." --- Well, now you know what I meant. I really don't know what to make of what she said.

Lesson - Don't bump into random psychic chicks in bars. Or bump into them anyway, just that you won't know what to make of what they say.