Monday, December 1, 2008

And so here we are

Yesterday I figured out that my 2 cents would be the name of my blog. And sometime today, in fact during lunch, while chewing on those chicken fajita tacos, a little random thought floated in my mind. And here we are now.

I am certainly not the most tech savvy person, although I am quite technical :-) Not that any of this means anything, but then blogs aren't just for posting stuff that do mean something, aint so?

Well this being my first day on the blogosphere, I took a little random walk. Left a few comments here and there...mainly to see if they would respond. I am certainly curious to get to know the dynamics of blog writers.

Some immediate thoughts... There seem to be the following types of blogics....(not that this terminology would stick...just didnt want to call them bloggers like everyone does...even if I'm trying to streotype them ;-) )

--- Those who post tons and tons of pics. They tire me with all the scrolling I need to do before I get to read anything sensible. But I guess their point is - a picture is worth a thousand words. Cant really argue.

--- Family types - talking about their kids and stuff. yaaawn. I'm sure one day I will end up doing this. I can get guidance from these people at that time.

--- Cynical and sad - I agree of late theres been tons of stuff to make people rightfully cynical. And given that everyone has their own chip on their shoulders , perhaps one wouldn't really want to read someone else's pile of crap :-D But these are honest posts and that certainly has its own charm.

--- One blog wonders. I need not say more. Plus this is my first post. I would def write one more. Just in case :-P

--- All about myself blogs. Almost every blog is. You are in the wrong place , if you are looking to read about cosmology or genetics.

I am still not sure how to effectively search for blogs I would love to read. I guess I would figure that out as I walk.


Manju said...

Yes, you figure as you walk;) A li'l googling helps (which you might have predictably done by now)..but then, blogs are more like get hooked onto some, some others may be award winning but don't really suit your taste.You should go through related blogs or blog rolls of your "by now favorite" blogs..ahhhh, so much talking tires me=)

Surya said...

Thanks Manju. I have added your blog on my blog roll. Looks like you haven't setup the feed or whatever it is :-D, which I guess means I wont know when you have updated your blog. Thats something else for the software engg. to figure out ;-)

Surya said...

Now that I have read a few more blogs..what you say makes more sense. Blogs are like clothes indeed.