Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bits and pieces

I never imagined that junk food and diet coke is a recipe for poetry (uh huh ...if you can call it that). I had gone to pick my friend up from the airport and I was talking a bit too much. And griped that I find a lot of people irritating. She promptly replied that she finds me irritating as well. Fair enough. But that somehow struck a chord...or perhaps it was the above mentioned junk food and coke. Anyhow, out came some Keats style romantic crap....(I do need to get back and finish this)
(if you do read this, read this out loud with the pauses in the right places as indicated :-) )

Ice Princess

Talking king 's/ what I am /my Ice princess,
Talk'd too much /sure I did /Ice princess,
Listen to me /but will who /Ice princess,
Like you did /listen to me /my Ice princess

In the dark /starry skies /O Ice princess,
In the deep /stormy seas /O Ice princess,
In the high /mountain peaks /O Ice princess,
I see your /perfect face /dear Ice princess

You were /an illusion /my Ice princess,
Were you but /in flesh and blood /Ice princess,
Love you for /'ever I will /dear Ice princess

In my dull /boring life /Ice princess,
You were /a lighting bolt /Ice princess,
Gone in /an eye-lid flash /Ice princess,
Memories /are all I got /my Ice princess

Eyes you had /full of love /Ice princess,
Thorns in path /many u saw /O Ice princess,
Heart you had /cold as gold /Ice princess,
Off you went /with no tears /my Ice princess

Defenseless /in love was I /O Ice princess,
Heart I did /lose for sure /Ice princess,
Soul I did /give with love /my Ice princess,
Joy /was the hurt I felt /dear Ice princess

Dancing queen 's /what you were /my Ice princess,
Much too much /moves you had /Ice princess,
Amazed by you /will be who/O Ice princess,
Amazed by 'ur /grace like me /my Ice princess

Words /are /all
I have /for /u
My /Ice /princess

(depending on how you want it to end)

Words that /don't count for sure /my Ice princess,
One question /I ask of thee /my Ice princess,
If I die /this moment /my Ice princess
A tear will u /shed for me /my Ice princess?

*sniff sniff sniff*


Write I do /crap for sure /Ice princess
Damn I don't /give for you /Ice princess
Words are /but words only /Ice princess
Craze I do /feel for none /dumb Ice princess!

*ha ha ha*
You and Me (To be written)
God is Great (To be written)
Desi Dhal Makhani (To be written)


Neha said...

Write I do /crap for sure
dumb Ice princess!

HAHAHA :D . The rest is terribly cheesy :P

Surya said...

Yup! That was the whole point of the poem. The last para is the punchline! :-)